The fraternity has had a significant impact on my life, not just when I pledged in 1975 but also again when we revitalized the chapter in 2001. I give to DKE of my time — and monetarily through the International’s foreverDeke campaign — because joining DKE was a lifelong commitment for me. My decision to pledge was one of the best decisions I have made, not just while at university, but in my life. The organization that has given me a lifetime of brotherhood, friendship, laughs, memories and experiences that I would not have had any other way. I choose to stay involved so that I can share my experience with others, so that they have the opportunity to experience DKE in their own way, and so that they too have the opportunity to enrich and impact their lives in a positive way.
— Brother Larry Blaschuck - Phi Alpha '75

Every university student deserves to remember their time at school as being more than just time at school- joining DKE has not only enhanced my time in university, but been the defining experience of it. Being a part of Deke has provided me with endless opportunities that go beyond the classroom; the friendships, events, and projects have helped to build memories and connections that will outlast my years on Campus, as well as to define myself as a person outside of my degree. The highlight of this would be our annual Stick-It to Cancer, which not only raised awareness around cancer research, but also 40,000 dollars. The only negative thing I have to say is that I didn’t join in my first year!
— Brother Alex Jung - Phi Alpha '16

37th US President Brother Gerald Ford  (Omicron-Michigan '35)

It is no coincidence that five presidents of the United States have been Dekes—more than any other fraternity—that our flag was flown on the first expedition to the North Pole and again on a manned landing to the moon. The individual qualities that DKE seeks have certainly withstood the test of time and served us all in good stead. It is that unique blend of leadership, brotherhood and tradition that fuels this fraternity.
— President of the United States, Gerald Ford - Omicron-Michigan '35

Joining Delta Kappa Epsilon at UBC was a vital part of my college experience. From playing ball hockey on Sundays to studying until late with the guys, it’s provided me with a support system that I couldn’t have imagined for University. DKE provided me with a stepping off point for the rest of my University career and I couldn’t be more thankful.
— Brother Will Shelling, Phi Alpha '15

I joined DKE in my first year at UBC it has provided excellent opportunities for me to grow as a person and to work on my leadership skills. As a commuter student for my first three years DKE provided a place on campus where I could go relax and spend time during the day. One of the biggest benefits I have received from DKE is the ability to connect with older members or alumni who are in the same discipline as myself, being able to ask questions about the courses I am in. Joining DKE was by far the best decision I have made at UBC, joining DKE has opened me up to new experiences and has made my time at UBC something I will always remember.
— Dixon Scott - Phi Alpha '14

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