The Delta Kappa Epsilon Coat of Arms

The Delta Kappa Epsilon Coat of Arms

Friends From the Heart, Forever.

On June 22, 1844 at Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut, a number of men of high character and scholastic attainment founded the first chapter Delta Kappa Epsilon.  The open motto being “Kerothen Philoi Aei,” which in English means “Friends from the Heart, Forever.” The DKE pin was also created with the Greek letters of DKE on a white scroll upon a black diamond with a gold rope trim and a star in each corner, as well as the colours crimson, blue, and gold.

The chapter started with it’s 15 founders deeming itself Phi of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Since that time, DKE has grown to over 64 chapters and initiated over 85,000 members across North America. “The Gentleman, the Scholar, and the Jolly Good-Fellow” has become our motto. The fraternity is inextricably linked to the history of the United States of America, as its members include a whopping 5 of the 44 presidents, including both George Bush’s, Rutherford B. Hayes, Teddy Roosevelt, and Gerald Ford.

The first thoughts of a British Columbia Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon started after many DKE alumni came from all over North America to partake in BC’s thriving economy. They had a strong desire to found a new DKE chapter in Vancouver, and after lengthy discussions and investigations, 10 students were chosen to form the nucleus of a proposed UBC chapter. Working closely with Alumni until a chapter organization was complete, the group adopted the Greek letter name Beta Chi, standing for British Columbia. After about a year as being recognized as a local fraternity, the 30 members formally petitioned Delta Kappa Epsilon for acceptance and an International chapter. However, they were turned down due to lack of strength and support. But determination prevailed, as a second petition in 1948 was approved and on February 26, 1949, 37 undergraduates were initiated into the mysteries of Delta Kappa Epsilon. On that day it received DKE’s 61st Charter as Phi Alpha of Delta Kappa Epsilon, the 50th active chapter and 5th Canadian Chapter at the time.

Phi Alpha finds it’s strengths in a wonderful and well kept house, a lively singing tradition, strong alumni relations, unreal parties, and it's beauty brothers. This along with the successful academic pursuits and friendships that last a lifetime have endeared many a brother to our chapter and our fraternity, as over 1,300 young men have been initiated.